M-TP: Proving Vietnam is just as musically awesome as anywhere!

Xin chào! I’m on Spring break at the moment, caught once again between watching too much K-drama and meanwhile trying to study Japanese at the same time. It seems my life is always divided between either South Korea and Japan. Other Asian countries which I sometimes give my attention to would usually be Taiwan (Mandarin Chinese) and Thailand, with it’s awesome and also underrated T-pop industry.

However, even lower than C-pop and T-pop, far away and hidden from any mainstream Asian music market is Vietnam, quiet, and often unpopular Vietnam. I actually have explored the world of V-pop before, verging into a few popular Vietnamese artists and downloading a handful of songs here and there. However, unlike so many other Asian music genres (trust me, I have pretty much explored every Asian country that supplies music) I never much took a liking to V-pop. I think this derives from the very basic and very honest truth: V-pop is damn hard to find.

In my opinion, if something isn’t on Youtube, it doesn’t exist. This is untrue, obviously, but if I can’t get ahold of an artist there, then where can I? V-pop isn’t as widespread on Youtube as most genres, but once you do some real digging (ignoring the basic fact that you cannot understand any Vietnamese) it is there, and it isn’t as dark and forgotten as you might expect.

I stumbled, by some weird chance (since I wasn’t looking for any V-pop whatsoever) upon an artist M-TP, and the addictive greatness that is V-pop/Rap/Hip-hop. No, it’s not rap as in Lil Wayne gangsta asians, but more along the lines of a more digital, auto-tuned, fast-paced version of Vietnamese music with a good beat and a good voice.

AHHHHH! Omg I am sooo addicted. It’s a big deal when something tears me away from K-pop, but I am torn away completely. In fact, I won’t even touch K-pop at the moment, I am so heavily absorbed in this new discovery.

So M-TP, the artist, is as difficult to get info on as V-pop is, but I dug up a few minor details. M-TP is a young guy (around 17-18 years old) in Vietnam who is, I believe, apart of a Vietnamese band called Young Pilots? (Please someone correct me if I’m wrong) and he is responsible for composing all his songs. Using the disgusting awful inaccuracy that is Google Translate, I’ve attempted to try to understand at least the titles of the music I am listening to, or at least something more about the artist, but Vietnamese is not a simple language to translate, let me tell you.

So anyways, M-TP has become my new obsession. I cannot stop listening to this music. I’ve listened to every song of his I can find, and all of them so many times that I have legit picked up my Vietnamese to the extent of my being extremely proud of myself. Not only am I getting the basic crazy alphabet down, but I can sing along easily to all of the songs! And Vietnamese is a difficult language, oh boy.

It’s been a week straight of listening to nothing but his music, and I can’t even tear myself away for some of the great K-pop debuts (EXO!). I’m so obsessed that I hope, I actually hope it will wear off soon so I can get on with my life. Damn, this music is good.

Everyone who is anyone that considers themself of a lover of Asia, even if you know nothing of V-pop must- I say MUST- look up not only the young artist M-TP, but V-pop in general. You will not regret it 🙂

That’s all I have today! I thought I would refresh this blog with something other than a drama review. Haha, I have WAY too many of those.

Goodnight then. Please, give M-TP some love. He is an underrated artist who absolutely rocks 😀

Tam Biet! ❤

Here’s his most famous single: Cơn mưa ngang qua