Finally A Super Awesome J-Drama: Sunao Ni Narenakute


Wow. i just finished one jem of a great J-Drama- probably the best and most realistic drama I’ve ever seen.

Sunao Ni Naranakute, FINALLY proved to me that a J-drama can truly be mature, well-made, and serious while still producing good results. I’ve had enough of the manga-turned-live action teen comedy dramas with too much ridiculous comedy and not enough realism, so this drama was like a breath of fresh air in an otherwise oversaturated market of uber-kawaii romantic comedy J-dramas.

This was such a human drama. All about a group of close-knit friends and their own personally screwed up lives, this drama tackles everything from drug addiction to suicide, meanwhile tangling up a bizarre string of love triangles- both heterosexual and homosexual.

While at times one can feel depressed by the otherwise “intense” melodramtic plotline, you can’t help but feel that this drama is exactly the opposite of it’s title, which translated literally means “Can’t become honest”, since this drama, in every form of the word, is purely honest. It displays real struggles that real people face, both in Japan and in the world. It also shows how friendship, support and love can get anyone through anything 🙂

For once a drama doesn’t have to sugar-coat and fluff all the characters and plotlines to suit a cookie-cutter demographic. It’s real and raw, and that’s what was so damn great about it. It also, unfortunately, is what kept this unconventional drama from becoming very famous, as many viewers claim it being simply too “depressing”.

Well, aside from the weaklings who can’t seem to handle real DRAMA, I happen to whole-heartedly appreciate this beautiful drama. Starring the lovely and talented Ueno Juri, and her popular counterpart Eita, the two stars clearly steal every scene from the “minor” characters.

For those out there who, like myself, are sickenly in love with DBSK and Jaejoong, you will be VERY HAPPY by the extreme cuteness exhibited by the character ‘Doctor’ who is played by the beautiful perfection that is Jaejoong. He is DELIGHTFUL. I feel I could watch him all day long and never get tired of his adorable nature. Not to mention he is beautifully fluent in Japanese. I got such enjoyment out of anytime he would throw in a little Korean reference: ex. Fighting! But aside from the usually important things such as “acting” and “character” his ridiculous good looks make me want to scream at his costars to appreciate the fact that such sublime beauty is standing beside them. His beauty literally makes me want to cry sometimes. I don’t know whether to be madly in love with him or just jealous- haha!

But that’s getting off-topic….(I’ll save Jaejoong for his own blog post :P)

Another minor character I simply ADORED was Tamayama Tetsuji’s character Linda. Tamayama is such a freaking amazing actor. I never even knew the guy till I saw this drama, and I am now in love with him. He is just awesome…wow. His portrayal of the tormented homosexual character Linda was stunning and beautifully heartbreaking 😦 I love you, man.

Due to my own personal disinterest in giving a plot synopsis and acting review, I just want to say that I give this show a great big five stars, and a hopeful wish that someday someone can begin to appreciate this wonderful Japanese drama for all that it is. 11 episodes of greatness indeed. I laughed, I cried big slopppy sobs, and I just flat out loved it. I can only hope that can find another J-drama out there as good as this one.

Please, I beg of thee- watch this drama.

But now that my adventure with this lovely drama has ended, I move onto a Korean drama, which, sadly, will probably steal the limelight once again. But don’t fear, SNN, wasurenagusa! I won’t forget you. And for fans like myself who have trouble admitting it- NO this drama does not equal Jaejoong. Please, appreciate this drama as something other than JUST HIM (if you can)

I’m off- here’s another silly drama review from Ria-chan! Sayounara! Oyasumi~ ^^

P.S. When I was looking for a picture to add to this blog, probably 3/4 (maybe more) of the Sunao Ni Narenakute image results were Jaejoong screenshots. I find this hilariously enjoyable.

PSS. Wait…no actually ALL the image results are Jaejoong screenshots. Sorry.

To be fair, I think Ueno Juri, Eita, Tamayama Testuji and Peach deserve a hell of a lot more credit. Where are all their screenshots? Hmph.


Nodame Cantabile: An Overview


Just when I dedicated a blog to the negative aspects of Japanese dramas, I find a great one which, though quintessentially “Japanese” in format and acting, is too charming and adorable to stop watching.

In case you aren’t familar with it, let me give you a small summary: It’s about this music school in Tokyo, and the crazy students that are apart of it, namely Nodame (Ueno Juri) and Chiaki-sempai (played by Tamaki Hiroshi) and their “romance” (which is almost non-existant it is advancing so slowly). Anyways, it’s about this misfit group of students who make up an orchestra, and all the hilarious things that happen to everyone, as well as emphasizing the underlying theme of individuality and following your dreams.

So, I didn’t think it sounded particularly interesting, and I only watched the first episode because I was forcing myself to watch something Japanese in the hopes it would be good. And though at first I was hesistant if I liked it or not, it just keeps getting better and better, and I am officially invested in this sweet comedy now.

When it comes to humor, this one is a killer. Though I typically hate the over-the-top ridiculous, obnoxious, slapstick comedy routines that belong in an anime, somehow, in this drama it just works. It is so annoying, crazy and unrealistic that I am endlessly entertained by all the ridiculous antics of these characters.

Though it is named after the character Nodame, it seems to focus almost entirely on Chiaki. WHICH IS FINE BY ME. I am continually astounded by his beauty. At first, yeah he was just a hot Japanese guy, but his charm is growing on me at such a rapid pace that I am now questioning just what really hooked me: the drama, or him. He is a complete jerk in the show, but you can forgive all his pissy moods when occasionally you get to see him smile (which is more of a weird half-smile, like the actor himself is trying to restrain himself from actually smiling). And his crazy eyes, which are both hilarious and strangely gorgeous, just add to his character. God, I’m in love.

As for Nodame, she is so overwhelmingly annoying that it’s just adorable. Her borderline grandmother-esque outfits I find ridiculously cute, and while at times her over-the-top comedic routines leave me starving for good acting, I can’t develop any anger for her, she is simply too darling.

The show centers almost entirely around classical music. The idea of constant orchestral background music and heavy emphasis on instruments may initially sound unappealing, but if you thought classical music was boring before, you need to watch this drama. I never saw classical orchestra performances that were quite as exciting and fun as the ones in this drama! This show seriously makes classical music way more awesome.

This show is no Korean drama, and if you’re looking for deep romance (or any serious plotline or acting WHATSOEVER) this is certainly not that show. However, despite it lacking all things I normally require in a good drama, I am endlessly entertained, and I laugh throughout the episode. It is cheerful and hilarious  (the character Stresman absolutely kills me! He is so funny with the way he talks!! AHAHA! >_<). Overall, it is like a great anime acted out by real people, with all the same weird charms of an animated show, and it tends to be more of a live-action than an actual drama.

Try it out! You won’t regret it! 😉