In response to the latest wildfire rumor and JYJ scandal circulating the internet, I felt compelled to post my own personal response to this ridiculous and tragic circumstance.

In case you haven’t heard (which, if you are a K-pop fan, you ought to be ashamed), JYJ- my beloved Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu- recently had an audio released of them screaming at fans, cursing at them, and- as it is assumed- also using violence on them by hitting some of them. This reaction was aimed at ‘Sasengs’, sick and crazy girls who literally STALK them day and night by following them in a long string of legit ‘Saeseng taxis’ which make money off helping girls to follow and stalk K-pop idols at all hours of the day.

This was the first time I ever heard the word ‘Saseng’ and I was honestly disturbed. Yes, I am a massive fan of JYJ, and I stalk them in the figurative sense of following their work via internet, but to take it to the level these girls do is just tragic. These girls (which, as it is believed, are many) know their address, phone number, social security numbers, personal schedules- everything- and they try NONSTOP to contact them and intrude into their lives. When I read articles about JYJ’s scandal, it actually brought tears to my eyes.

Jaejoong, who is credited to be the worst offender, was quoted to have screamed obscenities at them, calling many of them “bitches” and “dogs” (I know, that this came from gentle Jaejoong shocks me too). Some of what he mentioned was how he felt like “a criminal in hiding”, that he “lives in fear” and how he wished he wasn’t famous so he could just have a “normal” life. I felt so sad reading this. As a fan, to push your beloved artist to actually loathe their lives and be driven to such madness is just unforgivable.

Critics claim that as people who rely on their “fans” for their success, JYJ should have handled this with more poise and maturity. My response? Until you’ve lived a day, a month, several YEARS in the kind of world they live in, can any of us really scorn their actions? Their reaction, while extreme, was the result of what several years of public and private torture have done to them.

Their reactions prove what many of these saseng fans can’t seem to grasp: IDOLS ARE HUMAN BEINGS. They may be famous, and sure, they signed up for it, but to be driven to live in fear and misery because of so-called “fans” is just sickening. A true fan would respect the privacy and personal space of an artist. What these sasengs do is selfish and wrong. Some sasengs even say they don’t mind abuse, just as long as they can be close to their loves. Ugh.

I don’t know Jaejoong, or what happened. A sketchy recording may not really be sufficient evidence. However, while I don’t blame Jaejoong for his actions, taking this measure to actually hitting young women due to their obsession is quite wrong, I agree. I can’t imagine what kind of messed up feelings he must have had to be driven to do something like this.

Nevertheless, you can call me ridiculous up all you want, but I support JYJ. The majority of responses I’ve noticed towards this issue is that most fans are still fully supportive and on JYJ’s side. This recording is years old, back from the TVXQ days, and only now resurfaced. I’m willing to bet JYJ is not at all the first group to have had serious trouble with crazy Sasengs.

If JYJ’s reputation is damaged due to this ridiculous scandal, I don’t know what I’ll think. I know I’ll still support and love them as ever. A fan is a fan. Not a stalker.

This blog entry was not merely to mention the JYJ scandal, but the entire severity of “Idol Mania” in Korea, and the level of obsession that many freaks will take it to. I feel sad for so many artists in Korea who are literally tortured by fans who can’t leave them alone. I know crazy fans are everywhere, even here in my country, but what many foreigners can’t understand is how bad it is in Korea, a society which is literally DEVOTED solely to its idols’ every move and thought. Fans need to understand that even idols are human beings, and to cause them pain based on your own selfishness is inexcusable.

There may be two sides to this arguement, and I acknowledge that, but I hold true to my beliefs. In the words of TVXQ’s old Japanese song- I will most definitly “Stand By U” JYJ. And, if I could, me and the army of outraged fans would happily go run down those evil Sasengs.

So….anyways. Hope I don’t get killed by anyone for voicing my opinion in this article.

Over and out. JYJ FIGHTING!



Finally A Super Awesome J-Drama: Sunao Ni Narenakute


Wow. i just finished one jem of a great J-Drama- probably the best and most realistic drama I’ve ever seen.

Sunao Ni Naranakute, FINALLY proved to me that a J-drama can truly be mature, well-made, and serious while still producing good results. I’ve had enough of the manga-turned-live action teen comedy dramas with too much ridiculous comedy and not enough realism, so this drama was like a breath of fresh air in an otherwise oversaturated market of uber-kawaii romantic comedy J-dramas.

This was such a human drama. All about a group of close-knit friends and their own personally screwed up lives, this drama tackles everything from drug addiction to suicide, meanwhile tangling up a bizarre string of love triangles- both heterosexual and homosexual.

While at times one can feel depressed by the otherwise “intense” melodramtic plotline, you can’t help but feel that this drama is exactly the opposite of it’s title, which translated literally means “Can’t become honest”, since this drama, in every form of the word, is purely honest. It displays real struggles that real people face, both in Japan and in the world. It also shows how friendship, support and love can get anyone through anything 🙂

For once a drama doesn’t have to sugar-coat and fluff all the characters and plotlines to suit a cookie-cutter demographic. It’s real and raw, and that’s what was so damn great about it. It also, unfortunately, is what kept this unconventional drama from becoming very famous, as many viewers claim it being simply too “depressing”.

Well, aside from the weaklings who can’t seem to handle real DRAMA, I happen to whole-heartedly appreciate this beautiful drama. Starring the lovely and talented Ueno Juri, and her popular counterpart Eita, the two stars clearly steal every scene from the “minor” characters.

For those out there who, like myself, are sickenly in love with DBSK and Jaejoong, you will be VERY HAPPY by the extreme cuteness exhibited by the character ‘Doctor’ who is played by the beautiful perfection that is Jaejoong. He is DELIGHTFUL. I feel I could watch him all day long and never get tired of his adorable nature. Not to mention he is beautifully fluent in Japanese. I got such enjoyment out of anytime he would throw in a little Korean reference: ex. Fighting! But aside from the usually important things such as “acting” and “character” his ridiculous good looks make me want to scream at his costars to appreciate the fact that such sublime beauty is standing beside them. His beauty literally makes me want to cry sometimes. I don’t know whether to be madly in love with him or just jealous- haha!

But that’s getting off-topic….(I’ll save Jaejoong for his own blog post :P)

Another minor character I simply ADORED was Tamayama Tetsuji’s character Linda. Tamayama is such a freaking amazing actor. I never even knew the guy till I saw this drama, and I am now in love with him. He is just awesome…wow. His portrayal of the tormented homosexual character Linda was stunning and beautifully heartbreaking 😦 I love you, man.

Due to my own personal disinterest in giving a plot synopsis and acting review, I just want to say that I give this show a great big five stars, and a hopeful wish that someday someone can begin to appreciate this wonderful Japanese drama for all that it is. 11 episodes of greatness indeed. I laughed, I cried big slopppy sobs, and I just flat out loved it. I can only hope that can find another J-drama out there as good as this one.

Please, I beg of thee- watch this drama.

But now that my adventure with this lovely drama has ended, I move onto a Korean drama, which, sadly, will probably steal the limelight once again. But don’t fear, SNN, wasurenagusa! I won’t forget you. And for fans like myself who have trouble admitting it- NO this drama does not equal Jaejoong. Please, appreciate this drama as something other than JUST HIM (if you can)

I’m off- here’s another silly drama review from Ria-chan! Sayounara! Oyasumi~ ^^

P.S. When I was looking for a picture to add to this blog, probably 3/4 (maybe more) of the Sunao Ni Narenakute image results were Jaejoong screenshots. I find this hilariously enjoyable.

PSS. Wait…no actually ALL the image results are Jaejoong screenshots. Sorry.

To be fair, I think Ueno Juri, Eita, Tamayama Testuji and Peach deserve a hell of a lot more credit. Where are all their screenshots? Hmph.

A Tribute to the Old and Beloved DBSK

       DBSK, Dong Ban Shin Ki, TVXQ, Tohoshinki, Yoochun-Jaejoong-Junsu-Changmin-Yunho; quite frankly, there are too many names to keep track of these days, and, sadly, the one I seem to use most is JYJ. I know, sad right?

Inspired by my recent re-watch of Sungkyunkwan Scandal, featuring Mickey Yoochun, I felt compelled to revisit the loveliness that is DBSK. And here I have come to tell of my great love for them.

To me, DBSK is not merely another boy K-pop group on my list, and is most certainly not a group which seems to fade into the background of often-we all know it’s true- fake, look-alike and sound-alike world that is K-pop. In fact, to me, DBSK is so distinctly separate from everything else.

I suppose to an “outsider” (as I prefer to refer to those non-kpop fans) DBSK would seem to be just a typical boy band, and maybe they are, but to me, I just see so much more.

DBSK was a group I stumbled upon accidentally on Youtube one fine fall day about 2 years ago. I’d never heard of K-pop, and South Korea had been nothing more than just “some Asian country” at that point in my life. However, after a few minutes of watching and listening to DBSK, I had already become a sick, devoted fan of K-pop, without my realizing it.

It started with Mirotic, and then onto Crazy Love, Balloons, and Wrong Number, followed by pretty much everything else they ever released. I became crazy with K-pop fangirl syndrome, which I was not able to understand at that early stage of my obsession, after all, I was a K-pop virgin at that point. All I knew was that I was really drawn to it all. It was like this new magical world had opened for me, and before I knew it, I was sneaking out my ipod to watch DBSK videos in class and on the bus…

DBSK and their music just gives me this sweet nostalgic feeling. Even if this nostalgia is only from 2 years ago, I still find it strangely distant and lost. I am so different from who I was back then, and when I listen to anything by DBSK I just feel comforted. To me, they hold such a special place in my heart….I just can’t explain it. I feel more connected to them than ANY K-pop group, even my favorite Super Junior.

The break-up did hit me hard. I remember being mostly pissed, and repeatedly screaming at my computer “WHAT THE HELL IS THIS!” It seemed the break-up came too soon.

I’d never been a particular fan of Yunho or Junsu for some reason, but I was madly in love with Jaejoong (my first taste of a true beauty k-pop idol), charmed by Yoochun and his beautiful, distinct voice, and entertained by cute little Changmin. Thus, when they split, I was undoubtedly on JYJ’s side (if only they could switch out Junsu for Changmin :P) though I was particularly dissapointed that they had songs in English and were trying to appeal to the “American” market (which clearly failed).

So, I have turned against what I call the “New” TVXQ, which to me is totally not worth my time. The sweet charm of the 5-member group, and their own distinct style has been beaten apart and shredded in the machine of generic, overly auto-tuned mainstream K-popness. Don’t get me wrong, I love all that, but not in DBSK! They were always so special and unique, and now that Yoochun, Jaejoong and Junsu are gone, the group clearly lost all the talent and was forced to resort to the same exact concept every other K-pop group has, you know, the bad-ass image with the suffocating auto-tune and overbearing electronic beats with no real homage to vocal talent.

ARG. So, clearly I am on team JYJ. I prefer their single “Empty” to “Keep Your Head Down” ANY day of the week, thank you. Plus, I can only seem to look at Yunho and Changmin as the two selfish ones who were too concerned with their image to care about being mistreated by their record label. Sure, JYJ hasn’t gotten as much recognition, only because they changed the name. They were the three who had enough sense to keep some dignity of individuality and break away from the suffocating constrains of the K-pop industry.

Okay, I’m sure I probably just seriously offended some TVXQ fans. I’M SORRY! But, come on, can you blame me? I lost my sweet darling DBSK, and it seems to have been replaced by two strangers I don’t recognize or enjoy.

DBSK is so special to me. Maybe they aren’t that big of a deal to others, but to me, I can only see my little 15 year old self giggling over their videos and adoring them so much. And, if it weren’t for DBSK, I would never have been introduced to this exciting and fantastic world of K-pop!

Crazy as it may seem, I do believe DBSK changed my life. All thanks to Jaejoong, Yoochun, Changmin, Junsu and Yunho. Thanks you guys! Even if you’re not together any more :/

Time for bed. Oyasumi~ Annyeoung! ~