Zettai Kareshi: The Ending, and My Overall Opinion (Many Spoilers)

I know what you might be thinking: Two posts in a row about the same topic? WHY?

Ahhgghhh! I really fell in love with this drama, and though it’s over, I still feel under it’s spell. I felt compelled to rant about the ending and the ‘Special’ episode, as well as more of the more minor elements of this great J-drama. It is for sure one of my all-time favorite dramas, and possibly my favorite Japanese one.

The story really developed from a somewhat irritating and impossible romance to something truly golden and touching. I became attached to Riiko and Night’s relationship, I was really crying hard at the end. I think this takes the prize for the most tears shed during a drama. The screen kept blurring from all my tears, I could barely watch it.

I wasn’t sure whether to be pissed off, devastated, or touched by the ending. Night “dying” was certainly sad, and I was really crying over the little memoir video and such *tear* But somehow, despite how heartbreaking it was, I found it strangely sufficient, and I felt comfortable with it.

Then came the Special. I totally knew Night was going to be revived, and that the love triangle would be launched once more, but I found the Special to be MUCH less lovely than I had hoped for. I was happy to see that the characters and setting were blissfully unaltered (despite the Special being filmed years later) and I was excited at the prospect of Night and Riiko’s love being restored, but…it was just different. As much as I love Soshi-san, I really don’t feel much emotion from him, despite his so-called “love” for Riiko. I just see him as kind of the best friend type, and seeing those two as a couple is just super weird to me, it doesn’t fit.

Anyways, aside from a very un-romantic reunion, I felt the plot to be too long, complex, and unnecessary. The Special was TWO hours long, but they could have shaved off a good hour. The little romance between whats-her-name Robot creator and her robot lover-look alike was cute, but took up a little too much of the story line. I also felt that the creators were pumping a little too much action (aka, the secret agent/fighter robot/badass Namikiri segment) into the show. Perhaps if there had been a little less Kamiya and Nanase and more Riiko, Soshi and Night, I would have been more of a fan.

This whole Special wouldn’t have bothered me at all if I wasn’t still super pissed at the ending. I mean, what the hell?

IT ENDED EXACTLY THE SAME AS THE FIRST ENDING! What was the point of making a sequel if Night just ended up going off to die in the end AGAIN. I was practically on the edge of my seat saying “No, Riiko will turn around any minute and stop Night from leaving! Any minute now!” but she didn’t. And then, like before, she just went on back to Soshi, who she ignored and treated like crap and barely seems to spend much time with anyways. But, I gotta give him credit, he IS a human 😛


Well overall, despite my crazy and seemingly hateful ranting, I ADORED this sweet beautiful drama. The romance was oh so heartwarming, and I cried and said “awwww” far too many times. It was just…wow. What a great drama. This was K-drama quality for sure, and I really applaude Japan for turning what could have been a potentially stupid storyline into something really wonderful and moving. Yay!

“Absolute Boyfriend” Korea is being made, or I think might be airing right now. My beloved adorable Goo Hye Sun from BOF is the “Riiko”, so I might be tempted to watch, despite my usual aversion to watching the same drama in different nationalities, haha! Oh well, I’m sure it will be great.

The worst thing about J-dramas? Only 10ish episodes!! K-drama’s usually have close to 20, and are individually about 15-20 minutes longer. ARG! I wish Japan put more into length. 

 Ahh well, since I am headed to Japan in about 2 weeks (for the first time ever!) , I need to stock up on as much Japanese  as humanly possible, so I am dedicating the rest of August to watching strictly Japanese dramas, despite how difficult it can be to find good ones :/ My language skills depend on it! (If only I could find some juicy ones in Kansai dialect, grr)

Oh well, time to go!  Oyasumi, tomodachi!! ^_^


Zettai Kareshi: The Start of Something Great?


            Konbanwa! I’m back with more juicy drama updates!

Recently, I was infectiously addicted to my beloved Sungkyunkwan Scandal, watching all 20 episodes in so many odd days within the confines of my small bedroom, fueled by a laptop and plenty of snacks 😀

However, that chapter has ended (it’s a good thing too- I was starting to have even less of a life than before!). I decided that I needed, god forbid, to get away from so much Korean. K-pop; K-dramas, all day, all the time. I need to stop! My Japanese needs some good ole’ J-Dramas to inspire me to study more.

This, however, was challenging. I almost always quit on J-dramas, despite how much of a chance I give them. I typically wait at least 3-4 episodes before I decide my opinion. However, I am VERY happy to report that in my latest drama, this was most certainly not the case!

The name? Zettai Kareshi. The plot? Seemingly questionable and incredibly stupid.

I resisted the possibility of this drama being good. I laughed just reading about it. A robot who is programmed to be the “perfect boyfriend”, and a weird blossoming romance between “it” and it’s “owner”? I could not possibly imagine that such a plot would be even mildly serious, and I trusted my so-called, self-proclaimed expertise in dramas in judging it to be as ridiculous and impossible as almost all J-Dramas.

However, due to the overwhelming lack of J-Dramas that I find interesting, I bit the bullet and decided to watch this one. If it is just a typical J-drama, then maybe, I thought, I would just force myself to enjoy it.

Well, long story short, I love it. Really. I genuinely am loving this drama, despite my slight shame in admitting it. Having become such an immense drama-snob these days, I often feel like I am being a bit silly when I watch dramas that are less “mature” than my typical K-dramas, but I confess, I love this one.

I must assure you, this drama is actually nothing like what I was expecting. Not only is the plot well thought out, not too rushed, and comfortable with the characters, but there is no crazy anime-esque overacting and ridiculous comedic stunts. It’s rather…normal, which is strange, considering how wild and fictional the plot is.

The characters are all likable. I don’t feel like the main character Izawa Riiko is too obnoxious (I find her cute, just as I do alll female heroines) and even the “robot” Tenjo Night is becoming rather enjoyable, despite my aversion to him in the beginning. I am a HUGE fan of love triangles; they make everything so juicy and exciting, and I have a feeling that the love triangle in this one will prove particularly delicious.

Side note: Japan is really astounding in it’s “recycling” of actors. Is it just me, or is Mizushima Hiro in practically every famous J-drama? The last 3 or 4 dramas I’ve checked out I just keep saying to myself, “Look! It’s Nanba-sempai from Hana Kimi AGAIN!'” But hey, he is pretty charming and good looking, so I guess I can see why he keeps getting hired, I just find it weird when I get attached to certain actors as one character, and then see them play someone else :/

Anyways, I just wanted to give my love and reccomendation for Zettai Kareshi. This drama has a certain K-drama style, and could almost be a K-Drama entirely! However, it does have plenty of Japanese appeal, just minus the crazy acting and overbearing comedy.

I am excited to see what else happens in this series; so far so good!!