Zettai Kareshi: The Start of Something Great?


            Konbanwa! I’m back with more juicy drama updates!

Recently, I was infectiously addicted to my beloved Sungkyunkwan Scandal, watching all 20 episodes in so many odd days within the confines of my small bedroom, fueled by a laptop and plenty of snacks 😀

However, that chapter has ended (it’s a good thing too- I was starting to have even less of a life than before!). I decided that I needed, god forbid, to get away from so much Korean. K-pop; K-dramas, all day, all the time. I need to stop! My Japanese needs some good ole’ J-Dramas to inspire me to study more.

This, however, was challenging. I almost always quit on J-dramas, despite how much of a chance I give them. I typically wait at least 3-4 episodes before I decide my opinion. However, I am VERY happy to report that in my latest drama, this was most certainly not the case!

The name? Zettai Kareshi. The plot? Seemingly questionable and incredibly stupid.

I resisted the possibility of this drama being good. I laughed just reading about it. A robot who is programmed to be the “perfect boyfriend”, and a weird blossoming romance between “it” and it’s “owner”? I could not possibly imagine that such a plot would be even mildly serious, and I trusted my so-called, self-proclaimed expertise in dramas in judging it to be as ridiculous and impossible as almost all J-Dramas.

However, due to the overwhelming lack of J-Dramas that I find interesting, I bit the bullet and decided to watch this one. If it is just a typical J-drama, then maybe, I thought, I would just force myself to enjoy it.

Well, long story short, I love it. Really. I genuinely am loving this drama, despite my slight shame in admitting it. Having become such an immense drama-snob these days, I often feel like I am being a bit silly when I watch dramas that are less “mature” than my typical K-dramas, but I confess, I love this one.

I must assure you, this drama is actually nothing like what I was expecting. Not only is the plot well thought out, not too rushed, and comfortable with the characters, but there is no crazy anime-esque overacting and ridiculous comedic stunts. It’s rather…normal, which is strange, considering how wild and fictional the plot is.

The characters are all likable. I don’t feel like the main character Izawa Riiko is too obnoxious (I find her cute, just as I do alll female heroines) and even the “robot” Tenjo Night is becoming rather enjoyable, despite my aversion to him in the beginning. I am a HUGE fan of love triangles; they make everything so juicy and exciting, and I have a feeling that the love triangle in this one will prove particularly delicious.

Side note: Japan is really astounding in it’s “recycling” of actors. Is it just me, or is Mizushima Hiro in practically every famous J-drama? The last 3 or 4 dramas I’ve checked out I just keep saying to myself, “Look! It’s Nanba-sempai from Hana Kimi AGAIN!'” But hey, he is pretty charming and good looking, so I guess I can see why he keeps getting hired, I just find it weird when I get attached to certain actors as one character, and then see them play someone else :/

Anyways, I just wanted to give my love and reccomendation for Zettai Kareshi. This drama has a certain K-drama style, and could almost be a K-Drama entirely! However, it does have plenty of Japanese appeal, just minus the crazy acting and overbearing comedy.

I am excited to see what else happens in this series; so far so good!!


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