Coffee Prince Invasion (Spoiler Alert)

Aka The greatest thing in the world

So. Right now I feel like I am going to burst from extreme love for Coffee Prince.

Honestly, this tops it all. Here I was, thinking I was getting myself into just another cute drama to add to my list, and now I am so deeply invested in this show, I cry in every episode, I feel my heart beating fast- it’s just. UGH!

Han-Gyul just found out that Ko Eun Chan is a girl. And DAMN was it intense. Now I just feel so sad. Their romance was getting so good and then Ha Rim had to go and spoil it. But hey, the truth had to come out sooner or later. I’m currently listening to X x by DJ Guru- a techno-esque track that was used during Han Gyul’s meltdown scene in the car with the sad but adorable montage of Ko Eun Chan and her darlingness. I can feel his pain through the song! Poor Han Gyul! D:

BRAVO to Gong Yoo. His acting is INCREDIBLE. I have seldom seen such a good performance from an actor I’ve never heard of. I mean, there are those such as Lee Min Ho or Hyun Bin who are mentioned everywhere, you expect them to be good by default, and they seem to be in a thousand dramas, but until now I haven’t heard of or seen Gong Yoo. From now on, he is my top.

And then there is Yoon Eun Hye, who I can only think of as a boy now. To see pictures of her as a HER is just…odd. I don’t think I could possibly watch a drama without her portraying my beloved Eun Chan. She is just fantastic. I can feel her emotion. I feel partly biased to Gong Yoo when it comes to acting quality, but her intense cry scene with Han Sang in episode 10ish really made me applaude her (not as though I haven’t done so all through the series).

I could just rant forever about how perfect this show is. I’m not even finished with it (currently on episode 12 of 17) but I already want to re-watch it, and I mourn the end of it. I have to force myself not to watch anymore than 2-3 episodes a day as to ration it out. It’s difficult.

Thinking back to my last drama, Playful Kiss, it’s almost laughable in comparison, despite how much I loved it. I remember having read about Coffee Prince while midway through the last episode (I was surfing around on my awesome DramaWiki) and getting so interested I actually WISHED for Playful Kiss to hurry up and end. I started Coffee Prince immediately afterward, and I don’t look back. XP

Random side note: I was thrilled to see Kim Jae Wook (I actually had to look up his name, SHAME ON ME) in this. He has a minor role as Sun Ki-though his dominant personality does shine over many major characters- but when I saw him I just lit up with girlish excitement. IT’S DIRECTOR JUNG-IN! That was all I could think of. All I can see when I look at him is that fantastic adorable sweet darling character from Mary Stayed Out All Night, and how he is in my very top list when it comes to all-time favorite characters. When he hugged Mae Ri as she tried to leave……*tears* That killed me. I must have watched that scene twenty times.

Sooooo ANYWAYS. Sorry to be such a bore. I am passionate about my Korean dramas, and my actors and actresses. To me, I believe they may be more meaningful than K-pop, if you can believe it. (Though Kyuhyun’s Suju Teaser pick did kill me a little inside with excitement).

Well, thought I would pay devoted homage to The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince, which has lit up my life tremendously, and given excitement to my lack-luster summer vacation, and filled me with so much emotion, I swore I would melt into a puddle on the floor.

I love you Coffee Prince, and the old dramas I love, as well as many more to come! Kanpai!

Well, Oyasumi! Chu~

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