Here it is. The beginning of my crazy teenage rantings.

 It’s a terribly ordinary night; me on the computer, spazzing over the latest episode of Coffee Prince (tonight was QUITE a dramatic one! Episode 9), listening to the incredible, wonderful magic that is K-pop (Infinite’s Tic Toc <333 or 2NE1’s latest, Hate You) and chatting with the same two or three people on Facebook.

It’s mid/late July, the 22nd to be exact, and we’ve been experiencing one of the most massive of heatwaves that our northern, snow-prone town is accustomed to. Today it was 100 degrees (no air conditioning in this house). Meanwhile, we are all sweaty and sick, and everywhere we have fans buzzing in a desperate attempt to at least move the stagnant, boiling air.

 And yet, I like it. I thrive on heat. I feel strangely comforted by it. I loathe the cold. I should move where it’s hotter. Living here can kill me >_<

So, aside from my dull, ridiculous life, I do desperatly wish I had some kind of adorable tale of romance or drama to tell you. I wish my life could be as cheesy and lovely as the life of my many heroines: Geum Jan Di, Wi Mae Ri, Oh Ha Ni, or my latest darling, Ko Eun Chan. You know, with all the spicy love triangles, cliche’ wrist grabs and eventful trips to Jeju Island ( is it just me or does EVERY drama feature a Jeju Island segment??) .  And in addition to what is already a blissfully straight-out-of-a-korean-drama plotline, my life could feature Kim Hyun Joong as my supporting best friend/potential love interest  (if I didn’t die of joy first) or Lee Min Ho to add some great-acting flavor to the set.

So, I like Korean Dramas a bit. And Korean Pop. ALOT. Yet my country of choice has always been Japan. It is where my heart lies. I’ve studied Japanese extensively, and can speak/read/write a modest amount. And yet, I feel such a weird aversion to Japanese dramas and music. Is it that I truly have been too spoiled by the glitz and glamor of it’s Korean counterpart to appreciate the art of Japanese dramas and music? Or is it simply that Japan is not up to par with the greatness of Korean entertainment? Ah, who really knows. For now, I shall study Japanese, and plan my trip to Tokyo/Osaka/Kyoto/Nara, just with a constant stream of K-pop and K-dramas <333 Sorry Nihon, I have not forgotten you, but I can’t guarantee I won’t push you gleefully aside once Suju releases their comeback album in August. (OH MY GOD AM I EXCITED!) My K-pop love is too crazy to be argued with. I try to polish up my Japanese, but sometimes Hangul gets quite obtrusively in the way! 😛


This crazy fangirl needs to go to sleep. Tomorrow, new episodes of Coffee Prince, and some further 2NE1 downloads (is it just me, or are CL, Park Bom, Minzi and Sandara ten times more enjoyable than the actual music they release?) Haha, well, I’m off. Think about it!

Oyasumi! Chu~


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